Why buy M&R

Why buy M&R from Screen Print World?

M&R is the largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment in the world, they have been manufacturing and developing screen print equipment since 1985. They have a wide range of print presses both graphic and textile, although they concentrate more on textile equipment. M&R manufacture equipment for all aspects of the screen print production, from pre-press to post press. As a company they are focused on streamlining the printing process and making your print shop more efficient.

The legendary reliability an continued support of M&R presses ensure that the presses run with almost indestructible continuity. We have an established network of M&R print shops in the UK and it is not uncommon to come across 20 year old presses which are still producing and are reliable day after day. These presses are still sort after at this age and hold some value, which says a lot about their dependability. We regularly part-ex older presses when our clients upgrade to newer or larger presses as their businesses develops.

Simply put, maximising efficiency in a print shop enables the business to concentrate on delivering quality finished printed garments and maximising the production capacity of your print shop, increasing your daily production and making your print runs more profitable -which is after all why we are in business-to generate profit and maintain sustainable growth.

With M&R your choices are not limited to there wide range of legendary manual or automatic screen print presses and dryers, but they also include automated screen coating equipment, imaging units and screen reclaiming as well to maximising your post print efficiency in their fast automated folding and bagging solutions.

Another element to consider while choosing screen printing equipment should be the availability of service engineers, spares and an experienced pool of knowledge to assist with servicing quickly and efficiently. As UK agents for M&R, Screen Print World have trained in house service engineers to ensure that your equipment is at its best and running smoothly at all times. Here at SPW we have people within the business  who have run their own production facilities with M&R equipment and understand the daily pressures that busy print shops are face with. To use a well known phrase, we really have;

“Been there and got the T-shirt”

As the evolution of print continues to shape and push the industry, M&R have not been confined to developing just the screen print processes. They have developed DTG systems that offer unparalleled speed and efficiency, both on stand alone DTG systems, or with the Digital Squeegee. This market leading DTG now combines the speed of automated print production with full colour hi-res digital print onto light or dark garments without the need for costly pre-press treatment. Check out the latest additions, the POLARIS, an industrial high speed direct to garment printing system.

M&R clearly understand what is required to maximise efficiency and give the printer ultimate control in all aspects of any print job that you may be faced with. M&R equipment has been engineered and refined over many years, by people who understand print and with the print process in mind. Whether manual or automatic, the M&R press will enable the printer every opportunity to set up a print job and ensure that you are able to replicate the best possible result, consistently and throughout your print run. Working with M&R, you are assured that you will have the continuity of a production platform that compliments your desire to be profitable and productive, all day, every day.

Our door is always open if you want to discuss setting up a business, jumping into your first auto, buying your second, or if you just want to chat about your plans and see what might be suitable for you. We are happy to discuss any ideas, feel free to give us a call on 01562 829 009 or send us an email at nick@screenprintworld.co.uk

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