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Why buy M&R from Screen Print World?

M&R is the largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment in the world, they have been manufacturing and developing screen print equipment since 1985. They have a wide range of print presses both graphic and textile, although they concentrate more on textile equipment. M&R manufacture equipment for all aspects of the screen print production, from pre-press […]

​The differences in screen printing mesh count?

When looking at screens for screen printing you may notice two different numbers for the same screen. These are UK and US types of measurements. In the UK, the ‘T count’ refers to the number of threads per centimetre. In the US, the number refers to the number of threads per inch. As it’s based on […]

NEW VS. OLD: Screen Cleaning and Diptanks

Screen cleaning has evolved alot over the years..and with the invention of diptanks it has never been easier to clean screens. The old process is still well used today in printshops.. Cleaning using harsh chemicals in a 5-6 step process, However diptanks allow print shops to cut their costs and labour by up to 50% […]


New products have been hitting the shelves in February…. Heres the lastest in the NEW IN section SAATI Screen Adhesive                                              Screen adhesive by SAATI – two-component, low-viscosity frame adhesive for High Mesh Tension screens […]


The use of diptanks has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. Time saving, money saving and cleaner! Using a diptank to streamline your screen cleaning process can not only save you up to 60% on chemistry costs, it can also save up to 50% on labour […]

NEW VS. OLD: Exposure units

This month it’s all about Ryonet exposure units! You’ll have noticed over the past 6 months our Ryonet exposure units have all been changed to LED. There are a few reasons for this but the main reason is that the LED is alot more efficient at curing than standard exposure units, resulting in a harder […]