D2M Rapid Screen Making Machine

D2M Rapid Screen, Australia and DuralChrome of Switzerland have partnered to develop a new stencil making technology named D2M-RS1. The D2M-RS1 is an entirely new stencil making process that is built around a printable emulsion which is applied directly to the screen mesh in negative form. It is designed to almost eliminate the steps required for stencil making using conventional photo stencil processes. The D2M-RS1 eliminates the need for darkroom processes which typically consist of film positives/CTS equipment, emulsion pre-coating, drying, screen exposure and washout procedures. It eliminates many of the chemicals and energy requirements needed to make stencils including water, drying and air flow/humidity controls and specific lighting. The conventional production steps are bypassed with the D2M-RS1 which can be positioned on the print production floor. Screens can be prepared for printing in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same in a typical screen-printing darkroom. D2M reduces set-up costs
and time, enabling smaller production runs to become more viable.