​How to speed up your print production – Pallet Mask Applicator

If you haven’t come across it before, we would like to introduce you to the Pallet Mask Applicator. Who’s whole purpose is to speed up print production, whether you use the on or off press model.

The On Press Pallet Mask Applicator enables you to apply the tape while your pallet on still on the press. And you guessed it…the Off Press Pallet Mask Applicator means you need to take the pallet off the press then apply the tape.

Using the on-press pallet applicator can help you change the pallet mask in under 20 seconds! As shown in this video by our wonderful helper and screen printing expert, Nick.

If you want to increase your production efficiency, use this simple piece of kit to make your pallet mask application a breeze.

For the off-press model, we would recommend that you secure it to a sturdy surface to limit movement and make your job even easier. Secure the applicator by drilling holes or clamps, both will work just fine.

Next, mount the roll onto the system, then the pallet, and lock it in. Peel off the used paper, then you’re ready to apply the new pallet mask. Make sure you let it hang over the edges by at least an inch. Cut the top on the paper to separate it from the roll, tuck the excess in and under the pallet to make sure the tape is secure. For the best application use a manual roller squeegee to smooth it over, unlock the pallet and you’re good to go.

The pallet applicator is suitable for M&R pallets and only requires one size roll (24”). Pallet mask applicator is available for other presses on request

To purchase, please head to the product page, contact us on 01562 820009 or drop us a message on live chat.

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