Is screen printing messy

Is Screen Printing messy?

Screen Printing is only as messy as you make it.

Cleanliness is important in screen printing as it is with all kinds of printing. Cleaning up after yourself always helps. If you’ve lay a squeegee down on the side, clean it up before someone accidentally places the hand of a spatula in the ink cause that little splodge of ink to make its way back home.

Being careful, and not carefree, is the answer. As long as you’re not waving an inked up goop scoop in the air like Harry Potter’s wand you should be safe.

We provide all sorts of screen printing cleaning products and accessories, from on press cleaner to screen stain remover. Shop in our screen cleaning and reclaiming section.

Recommended products:

Easiway 842 On press and screen cleaner
Easiway 701 Screen Wash and Stain Remover
Easiway 500 Emulsion Remover
Screen Perfect Degreaser
Tekmar TB Orange Adhesive and Ink Remover

Checkout our YouTube for more on screen cleaning.

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