Spot-On WB Hybrid Inks

Spot-On Hybrid inks offer the printer the best of both worlds – a slow drying smooth printing water based ink suitable for printing onto light and dark garments. Spot-On Hybrid inks are silky smooth to print and perfect for manual or automatic print applications.

 Our Spot-On Hybrid Inks are designed to stay open in the screen for extended periods and do not block like traditional water based inks, best results with opaque inks are obtained using 43T mesh counts. These Inks will flash off on press very quickly and offer a smooth soft matte finish on final curing. The composition of our WB Hybrid Inks prevent clogging and allow screens to stay open 3 – 4 times longer than traditional water based inks.

 These inks offer extra elasticity, soft handle, high washing resistance and rub fastness with a smooth matte finish.

 The Spot-On Hybrid Inks include a super opaque white, a Spot-On Hybrid Base for adding pigments. metallic Gold and Silver, as well as a unique water based anti-migration base.

Our Hybrid Inks are GOTS and OEKO TEX Certified. Water Based Hybrid inks are easy to clean up with water, and we also offer a comprehensive range of  cleaningconsumables as well as a cold cure catalyst which is also available for these inks. 

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