Plastisol Inks

Our range of Plastisol Inks have been selected to offer your print-shop a varied range of standard and specialist products that cover all possible print jobs. We have a press ready range of colours, from full opaque easy printing inks, to accurate Pantone mixing systems.

Our Plastisol’s are phthalate and heavy metal free, finely milled and offer superb handle and elasticity once cured. Plastisol Inks are able to be printed on a wide range of fabrics, offer exceptional colour brightness and wet on wet printability.

We have a range of white inks that will suit any application, from standard under-base white inks, to low bleed, high stretch and low temperature whites.

To compliment our plastisol inks we have a range of additives and cleaning consumables. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 01562 829 009, Webchat or emailing