The Rename

Effective from November 1, Dave Roper Ltd will be known as Screen Print World going forward.

This change of name has occurred due to the ever-expanding range of consumables and machinery we provide. Don’t you worry though, Dave is still here as MD…you won’t get rid of him that easy!

All aspects of the business are unaffected by the rebrand and we are still the exclusive UK dealer for; M&R, BBC Industries, Amex, Easiway Systems, Tekmar, Panther Dryers, Ryonet and much more. Nothing has really changed other than the name and a few new additions to the team. The website homepage has had a slight change, but the online shop is just as easy to navigate as before.

If you want to know more about the team head over to the about us page. There you will find our two new recruits, Caroline and Dan. Caroline is our new Customer Service Liaison who you will be able to reach on email at (soon to be Dan is our new sales representative who will be out and about 3 days a week visiting customers and also looking after our Consumables section. If you’d like to get in touch with dan you can email him on (soon to be

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