Manual Wooden Squeegees

Squeegees are a must-have product for Screen Printing. It is essential to have the right squeegee for the job and for you!

Firstly consider which type of handle you need if you are manual printing, the handle choice is entirely up to your preference. Here you’ll find ergonomically designed wooden squeegees which are less costly compared to aluminium handles. Wooden squeegees are seen to be more of a disposable item.

Secondly you need to think about the rubber durometre. Our squeegees come standard with a softer rubber which helps manual printers increase the deposit of ink onto the shirt. Harder durometre squeegees are used for finer detailed prints as you don’t want to push as much ink through the screen, however the difference is seen more with automatic presses rather than manual.

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                                         Our manual squeegees are supplied with clear 55 durometer squeegee rubber