which is the right glue for you?

Here at screen print world, we have specially selected a range of glues to suit different budgets and applications. See below a break down of each glue we do to see which one suits you best!

Amex Extra Tack Spray Tack

One of our best-selling budget adhesives. our AMEX spray tack
has been specially formulated to give superb hold between your garment and your
platen, to prevent minimal movement when printing whilst also holding it’s tack
well for multiple jobs. It can be used on a variety of garment types including heavy wool,
sweaters and difficult fabrics. Budget Friendly and minimal effort!


SPW Waterbased Pallet Adhesive

Designed to be an alternative to aerosol adhesive cans, our water
based adhesive creates a permanent bond between substrate and platen during
screen printing whilst still allowing for easy removal. Water based can offer
you a more eco friendly alternative to sprays and prevent the build up and mess
that gets created by using sprays long term.



Tekmar TB10 has been specially formulated for use with our TB500 and TB1000 glue gun systems. It is a lot thinner that most glues which
allows for it to flow though the systems evenly onto your surface . 1 gallon of glue is the equivalent to 72 cans of spray tack, meaning you can save a huge
amount of money in the long run by switching to those systems as well as saving
time setting up each platen manually every day.



TBHV is another water based pallet adhesive made from the
leading manufactures, TEKMAR. It is formulated to apply easily and smoothly
onto your platen and creates great hold between the garment and the surface. TB-HV
affords tremendous economy, 1 litre can replace up to 3 dozen cans of spray
adhesive with absolutely no mess or waste. TB-HV can also withstand repeated
flashing, without losing its tack.



TBEZ is another water based glue to be used with out TB500 and TB1000 glue gun systems, however this glue has been formulated to work with
performance fabrics and garments. Performance fabrics contain silicones and
Teflon additives that can cause premature release with other Adhesives. TB-EZX
is formulated to temporarily bond with the fabric fibers and hold the garment
until unloaded. It is manufactured using synthetic polymer acrylic compounds
that were developed for specialized applications such as these.



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