Emulsion Removers 

As there are a number of methods people use to reclaim screens, we have a number of products to ensure you get the best product for your application.

The use of Dip Tanks is becoming popular due to its efficiency and cost effectiveness, Easistrip Supra is the most effective product you can use in your Diptank, this will soften ink and emulsion allowing for an easy reclaim with the jet wash, totally removing the gruntwork and messy scrubbing associated with manually applied reclaimers.

We also supply traditional ‘scrub on’ reclaiming products, these are the Easisolv 500 which is available as a concentrate of a ready mix, and of course the Eco-Friendly Franmar Emulsion Remover. To assist you if you’re just getting started with our products, we also offer these products in our popular Screen Reclaiming Kit.

We supply Automated Screen Reclaiming Equipment and the relevant reclaiming products for these.

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