Pigment Tints and Bases

For those printers who prefer to ‘mix their own’, we supply a range of Amex Water Based pigment and the bases to offer you a full water based mixing solution. These pigments are mixable into the Amex clear and opaque bases as well as the Discharge clear base, they offer bright colourfast prints. The pigments we stock have been chosen to offer the best results when printing with discharge inks, or mixing into standard clear and opaque bases.

 When mixing pigments into bases you should not exceed 5% by weight into clear bases, and up to 10% in opaque bases. All Amex bases are compatible for use with the Amex Cold Cure Additive – As with all mixed inks, always check curing before any production run.

All Amex Texprint inks are Eco-Friendly, free of Formaldehyde, Apeo, PVC’s and Heavy Metals. Metallic and Special effects inks are also available in the Texprint range. Texprint inks are easy to clean and all that is needed is water! We recommend using Screen Sol QT as a photo emulsion for Texprint Inks.

A range of additives and cleaning consumables for these inks.

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