Amex Water Based Additives

We supply a handful of products to assist printing with Water Based Inks. These additives are used to help you get the best out of your inks in the print shop. Whether you just want to extend a ready mixed colour with clear base to soften it for printing onto lighter shade garments, or if you want to slow the ink from drying in the screen, there are solutions to help you manage any application.

All Amex Texprint inks are Eco-Friendly, free of Formaldehyde, Apeo, PVC’s and Heavy Metals. Texprint inks are easy to clean and all that is needed is water! We recommend using Screen Sol QT as a photo emulsion for Texprint Inks.

A range of cleaning consumables are available for these inks. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by phone on 0044 (0)1562 829 009, Email or on our Webchat.