“What’s the right manual screen printing press for me?”


Whether you are a beginner screen printer, or adding an additional machine to your print shop, we have a selection of world renowned presses to suit your needs.

Just starting out? The GENESIS™ Manual Screen Printing Press is M&R’s newest entry-level, super-affordable four-colour press, built with quality and durability. Also, the Riley Hopkins Junior range from Ryonet great for those just starting up in the screen printing industry, and are available with or without micro-registration.

Need to expand your capacity? M&R’s KRUZER™ Manual Screen Printing Press is robust and built to last, and can also print up to six colours!

Want a larger print area? The SIDEWINDER™ Manual Screen Printing Press from M&R is a mid-level, six-colour press. With the Sidewinder, you can use screens which can also be used in M&R’s larger automatic presses, saving you the cost of having to purchase additional sets of screens later on.

Need maximum colour options? The CHAMELEON® is M&R’s top-of-the-line sampling and production manual press, with a two-tier Duo-Deck™ design that can expand up to 14 colours without extending its footprint.

Get in touch with our sales team to find out more information. Contact them on sales@screenprintworld.co.uk or call us on 01562 829009

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