NEW VS. OLD: Exposure units

This month it’s all about Ryonet exposure units! You’ll have noticed over the past 6 months our Ryonet exposure units have all been changed to LED. There are a few reasons for this but the main reason is that the LED is alot more efficient at curing than standard exposure units, resulting in a harder more durable exposed screen. LED is also less intense than a metal halide system and that would be better for imaging posies that are not as solid (dense) as professionally imaged posies which would be better for people using inkjet or laser imaged films.

The older model exposure units had standard fluorescent bulbs, Which still work perfectly fine when exposing screens and there are still alot of print shops using this way to make there screens with no problems, however the new upgraded LED units have benefits such as using far less energy and offering faster exposure times, which in a fast paced printshop can be a huge timesaver. LED’s are also known to last a longer than standard fluo bulbs, they also run alot cooler that the fluo bulbs as LEDS do not get as hot. 

With all that being said, Price can also be large factor when selecting the right exposure unit for you and used can still get the job done. A used Ryonet exposure unit like this one, can be purchased for £495 + vat, where as a new LED exposure unit which is the same size is £1495 + vat. 

If you are interested in both new or used equipment and would like some more information, than please contact us on 01562 829009 or email! 

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