We know how overwhelming it can before when choosing an emulsion nowadays with there being so many different options on the market. Here at Screen Print World we like to keep is as simple as possible. We have 3 different emulsions, With 3 different price points and uses. See below our easy to use chart to simplify things and help you choose the right emulsion for your print application. 


As you can see, Our Amex QT emulsion is perfect for print shops that have a wide variety of printing techniques – ranging from standard plastisol/waterbased to discharge and solvent printing. If you aren’t printing Discharge, Then we would recommend our QV Emulsion. Both are dual cure emulsions so they require mixing with a sensitizer before use. 

Our HS 900 Emulsion is for more specialist applications and works well with thick or 3D prints as well as your  plastisol, waterbased, solvent and UV inks. It offers fast exposure and is ready to use straight out of the pot as it is a pure polymere emulsion. 

For more information. Head to our emulsion section to read more about each emulsion. 

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