NEW PRODUCT: Amex Waterbased Puff Base!

 Introducing a brand new product – Amex Waterbased Puff Base! We’ve had a plastisol puff base for quite sometime but have now added a waterbased option!

Amex Water based puff is a ready to print Puff Base which can be used with our Amex Texprint Pigments to achieve any colour you desire. all you need to do is add a maximum of 5% pigment to achieve full shade. once fully cured, You’ll see the full (incredible) effects. We also have a Waterbased puff white which is perfect for printing white puff prints onto dark garments!

We always recommend that the necessary wash testing is done to ensure you are satisfied with your results prior to undertaking any production. Curing times will not be affected – manufacturer recommends 165°C at 2-3 minutes.


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