NEW PRODUCT: KREBS Tex25+ Spot Cleaning Gun

Introducing an old school favourite and the new edition to our spot cleaning gun family…the KREBS Tex25+ Spot Cleaning Gun. 

Our Top model Gun, The powerful TEX25+ is ideally suited for professional garment and textile producers who require a reliable high power gun for removing Ink and stains from your garment. 

Made from good quality and durable parts, the TEX25+ spot cleaning gun can easily remove any spots, stains or misprints with the help of it’s 60w high pulsating jet. It also comes with a 700ml container capacity and an adjustable nozzle which can be adjusted from a needle jet to mist without hassle. 

We have a few Spot Cleaning Gun options to offer here at SPW, So we’ve put together the below chart to help you out when choosing the best cleaning gun for you:

You can find the Red Arrow Spot Cleaning Gun here

You can find the TG300 Spot Cleaning Gun here

For more information, give us a call on 01562 829009, drop us an email at or use our online chat function. 

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