We get questions daily on our eco-friendly packaging and what we are doing to help the environment, So today we thought we would give you the run down on all things eco-friendly and what we are doing to be more green. As the leading suppliers in the industry, We feel a responsibility to set an example for the rest of the industry and encourage others to look at their processes!

Lets start with our boxes, Which are made from recycled materials. Our boxes can be reused or recycled. If you are packing orders yourself and need an efficient, cost effect way to fill them, you can shred the boxes down and re-use as packaging! 

Majority of questions we get are regards our packing peanuts, Which are actually made from corn-starch, Making them eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and compostable! The best way to dispose of them is to dissolve them in water – Simply put them in your sink, Run the tap and watch them melt away! 

We also only use paper tape and labels to secure the boxes and also label our pots. 


Another thing we have changed is our courier service. Our main courier is DPD, which are not only the most reliable and safest we have tried, They are also aiming to be the greenest delivery courier on the planet. Below are some of the things they have changed to reach their goal!

They currently have over 700 electric vehicles operating though-out England, Scotland and Wales, and continue to invest in these vehicles to deliver clean and emission free on the streets of our cities! They’ve also recently opened a brand new hub, Located in Hinkley, Leicestershire, Where they have installed a state of the art solar PV system compromising of 6000 panels. The power generated by this new system will enable to the hub offices to operate off grid during daytime working hours with the excess power being exported back into the national grid to supply green energy. Project eclipse is something they are also working on, Which is evaluating the expansion of the solar pv to 22 other sites across their network. 

Another important thing which can be done by you at home, Is to download the DPD app! When you receive a delivery from DPD via one of their all-electric vans, the app will keep count and when it reaches 50 DPD will plant a tree on your behalf!  

To find out more about DPD and their mission to be the greenest delivery courier on the planet, Follow this link.

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