Introducing the all new MTEX Direct To Film Printer!

We are extremely excited to announce a new edition to Screen Printing World (drum roll please)……

Introducing The MTEX DTF range of printers! 

The screen print industry is constantly evolving and we are seeing increasing demand for DTF, An easy and quick garment decoration process. Some of you may be thinking, So what is DTF and why MTEX? 

DTF stands for Direct to Film, so let’s break the process down into 4 easy steps:

Who are MTEX?

Founded in 2011, MTEX are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of digital printers based out of Portugal. They have been making large format digital printers for well over a decade so they know there stuff when it comes to DTF. 

A little about the MTEX DTF Machines

The MTEX DTF machines are available in both 30cm and 60cm, and are European purpose built machines for the DTF process. It’s the one stop shop, all-in-one printer, shaker and dryer. Unlike other processes, it can print on to pretty much anything and because your printing on flat clear film with digital heads, The detail and quality is next to none. Superb on cotton, poly cotton, polyester, nylon, leather and denim to name a few! Another amazing thing about these printers is the print durability, Because the powder has been melted onto the transfer whilst in the oven, when you come to heat press the transfer onto your garment it bonds with the surface making it very durable and prefect for workwear and high viz garments. Here’s a detailed video from MTEX explaining everything you need to know about these machines:

The MTEX machines are available to order now so please get in touch if you would like more information and pricing. You can call us on 01562 829009 or email us at 

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