When to change your exposure blanket

Usually it can be quiet obvious if your exposure blanket has a hole or a rip in the top, But sometimes the hole can be so small that it can’t been seen by the naked eye, Causing many problems. 

the two main things to look out for are:

1) Poor exposure. Most people think their products or process could be the issue,  But sometimes it can be down to a damaged exposure blanket creating poor suction, Causing the positive and screen to have a bad connection. 

2) vacuum taking longer than usual. If when you turn the unit on and start exposure and the vacuum is taking longer to create full suction against the screen, This could also indicate a damaged blanket. 

If any of the above are happening to you when exposing screens, Then you’ll need to do some further investigations. Check the blanket closely for any small holes, Also check the outside frame and where the pipe connects to the blanket as overtime it can become loose. You can also try and listen closely whilst the unit is exposing screens to see if you can hear any small air leaks. 

 If you find that the blanket does need replacing, We are on hand to help! We can supply a variety of exposure blankets in custom prices, All manufactured in the UK for fast turnaround times. 

Please drop us an email at service@Screenprintworld.co.uk or call us on 01562 829009 for a quote. 

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