New Year Machine Tips!

With the start of the new year, now is a good time for some machine maintenance, not only to keep your machine happy, but to prevent any costly repairs/down-time in the coming year! 

we’ve put together a few of our top tips that we recommend doing to keep your machine running smoothly!

1. see when you last serviced your machine. Was it more than 1-2 years ago? If so It’s probably due another soon and servicing is the best way to keep on top of important jobs that keep your machine running smoothly. Yearly services can highlight protentional future issues, saving time and money! 

2. Keep your machine topped up on oil/grease. Another important job that can sometimes be forgotten about. Think of it as running your car on low oil, It can ruin important parts and become costly to repair!  

3. See if your machines battery needs changing. This is usually done during a routine service, However if your machine has not had a service in a while, then changing the battery asap is a very good idea. If your battery runs out, Then your PLC or servo will need reprogramming, This can only be done by the manufacturers so the PLC/SERVO will need to be returned to the manufacturer which could take weeks to do. A battery would usually cost around £80-120, Whereas a reprogramme on a PLC could cost £600+ and that doesn’t include the downtime and possible lost jobs. 

4. Create a service schedule A simple spreadsheet will do the trick. Include information like serial numbers, Last service date, Next service due, Battery change date, Last oil/grease change. You could even set calendar reminders to remind you when the battery needs changing or when a service is due. 

At Screen Print World, We have a dedicated service department that can help you with any questions or book a service in if required. Just call 01562829009 or email for more information 

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