The All New Copperhead Pro Max From M&R Global

Introducing the all new Copperhead Pro Max from M&R Global, The new affordable press with innovative design and construction.  M&R global have sourced the very best components from across the world to bring you quality that M&R are known though-out the industry for. 

The new Copperhead Pro Max comes with an in-built squeegee pressure equalizer system, making reproduction of the same colours and jobs easier without high-skilled labour requirements. Manual adjustments are no longer required, as the equalizer system automatically balances the printhead pressure. Even ink deposition and equal pressure on all four corners maintains consistent and precise printing. The linearization process helps to maintain the highest quality halftones. Process optimization reduces the time needed from sampling to final production.

The machine comes with lightweight honeycomb pallets with soft top rubber pads to avoid access overheating after flashing, which is one of the key features for printers using water based or discharge inks. The rubbers compression allows the garment weave to flex and stretch when the squeegee presses it into the rubber. This stretch behaviour provides for better penetration of the ink into the garment, thus increasing the ‘hand’ quality and durability of your print. The Rubber acts to reduce mesh degradation and emulsion breakdown and will require less overall screen attention during a print run. 

The Copperhead Pro Max also comes with electric printheads, tool free squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments, Pneumatic frame locks and independent squeegee/flood speeds, Providing operators with all the time-saving features needed for quick set-ups. You’ll also be glad to know that the new Copperhead Pro Max is compatible with the Tri-Loc system, Which further minimizes set up and maximizes run times and productivity. 

For more information email us, call us on 01562 829009 or use our instant chat function! 

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