Which White Ink Is Best For You?

Choosing a white that’s best for you is not easy when you have lots to choose from, so today we are going to break down the whites we do and their uses, Helping you find the perfect white for you!

Flash Flash White Extra

One of our best sellers, the Amex Flash White Extra Plastisol is a standard opaque bright white, perfect as an undebased ink. It’s Phthalate and heavy metal free and due to it’s fine milling, offers a soft feel and good elasticity. It’s a hit with all our customers with multiple 5* reviews!

Spot On Low Bleed White 

Our Spot On Low Bleed White is a budget friendly press ready plastisol ink that prevents ink bleed on troublesome fabrics. It has great printability, A soft feel finish and is perfect for printing onto dark garments!

Spot on Polar Flash White

Our very affordable Spot on Polar Flash White is perfect if your on a budget but still want a great quality plastisol white that’s the perfect all rounder. Great printability, Great Value and Great washing resistance!

Amex Dye Blocking Low Bleed White 

Amex dye blocking plastisol ink is perfect if your require a dye blocking/low bleed under base white. It prevents ink/dye bleed and has low flash cure times, whilst still providing good washing resistance and a bright white finish!

Amex Flex White Plastisol Ink

Amex Flex White has been designed specifically for stretchy fabrics such as sports/gym wear. As with all AMEX inks, it is phthalate and heavy metal free. It offers a soft feel, good washing resistance and a bright white finish.

Amex PF Low Temperature White 

AMEX Low Temp White is designed to be cured at a lower temperature compared the other whites. Perfect for garments that require a lower curing temp such as polyester, Whilst still offering a soft feel, and good matte down properties.

Spot On Universal Mixing White

As the name suggests, Our Spot On Universal Mixing White can be used successfully in most mixing systems where a mixing white is required. It’s not designed to be used as an under base white or direct printing white, but can be used as a highlight white if necessary.

Amex Waterbased White Extra

If you prefer to print with water based, our AMEX Water Based White Extra is our go to water based white. It’s a ready to print water based that is Formaldehyde, PVC and heavy metal free and is perfect if you’re going down the eco-friendly route. It provides a bright opaque finish on dark garments as well as super soft feel.

Spot On Hybrid Brilliant White 

Spot On Hyrbid white was specifically formulated to combine the benefits of both water based and plastisol printing. It doesn’t clog your screen like traditional water based inks, But you still get the great soft feel of water based inks once printed.

When printing any new inks, we strongly recommend testing thoroughly and wash testing before commencing with any  print run.

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