How Step Up Your Screen Cleaning Game

Screen cleaning can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many products on the market, It can be hard to choose the right ones. Thats were the Franmar kit steps in. Everything you need to clean screens in one great kit. From everyday products like degreaser and cleaning pads, to your more heavy duty products like emulsion remover, this kit has everything you need to clean screens. See below a full breakdown of whats included:

Franmar Color Change On Press Ink Remover

Quickly change colour on press or open clogged mesh areas during a run, saving valuable time and money. Franmar’s On Press Ink Remover is non-aerosol and replaces harsh chemicals such as methylene chloride without negative side effects and offensive odor. 

Franmar UN-LOK 

UN-Lok is perfect for removing hardened emulsion that has locked-in to your screen printing mesh. It is a cleaning solution perfect for reclaiming old screens. No need for a nozzle spray, the lid also functions as a measured applicator.

Franmar Strip-e-Doo 

Strip-e-doo Emulsion Remover is specifically designed to penetrate and dissolve all types of emulsion as well as capillary film without weakening the mesh. Emulsion Remover breaks down the toughest of emulsions, capillary films, and stencils without weakening the screen mesh. This powerful emulsion remover is formulated with a built-in degreaser that changes colour when no longer active, saving time and money. Franmar’s Emulsion Remover has revolutionized the once unpleasant process of screen reclaiming.

Franmar De Haze 

Franmar’s De Haze ES Haze Remover is the first haze remover that is safe to use on emulsion without breaking it down or locking it in. We introduce a cleaning product that will revolutionise the way you deal with haze and ghost images. Franmar’s Haze Remover ES is the first haze remover that is safe to use on emulsion without breaking it down or locking it in. Screens can now be thoroughly cleaned and haze removed without damaging the stencil prior to cataloguing the screen for future printing. Haze Remover ES will keep screens looking like new even after multiple runs of prints.

Franmar Bean-e-doo

Plastisol Ink Remover effectively cleans screens without the odour and is a drain safe product. Franmar’s Plastisol Ink Remover eliminates the use of mineral spirits and other volatile solvents while saving time and money. Plastisol Ink Remover was the first product introduced by Franmar to replace the caustic, toxic, high odour products, and at a fraction of the cost.

Franmar D-Grease

Screen Degreaser is a fast-drying formula that helps prevent “fish-eyes” in the emulsion on the screen and is great for prepping screens before recoating them with emulsion. Franmar’s Screen Degreaser is tough on solvent residues and easy on the environment. It is alcohol-free, non-caustic, and 100% biodegradable, making it essential for any screen printer. 

2 x White Cleaning Pads 

White cleaning pads are non-absorbent pads which are more gentle, could be used for degreasing or ink removal.

1 x Red Cleaning pads 

Red cleaning pads are super tough, to be used on tougher stains or when removing emulsion. These are separate pads that can be used for cleaning and reclaiming screens.

5 x Heavy-duty trigger sprayers

Trigger sprays that easily attach to the bottles to provide 


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