6 steps to calculate ink costs per print


Want to know how much your cost per print is?

Follow these steps to figure out your ink cost per print:

  1. Weigh a full container of ink and get the weight in grams.
  2. Divide your cost for that container by the grams in the gallon. This gives you the ink cost per gram.
  3. Pop your unprinted shirt though the dryer to remove moisture.
  4. Print the shirt and put though the dryer again, then weight.
  5. Subtract the unprinted shirt weight from the printed shirt weight to get the actual grams of ink printed.
  6. Multiply the grams printed by the ink cost per gram and this will be your actual ink cost for that print.

You will see that the ink costs are very low compared to other costs incurred in the screen printing process. On smaller runs, you may throw out more ink than what is actually printed on the job.

Overall, the largest cost for screen printers is labor. Do everything in your power to streamline production, and your overall costs will go down. Keep an eye on this blog for more tips on how to streamline your production process.

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