Why use Tekmar TB-10, Water Based Pallet Adhesive.

What is TB-10?

The Tekmar TB-10 is a bulk pallet adhesive. It is a
non-aerosol water based adhesive, that dries almost instantly, has excellent
flash resistance and holds its tack longer than virtually all other adhesives.
It is applied via an affordable range of pneumatically driven spray systems
that virtually eliminate over-spray, and also eliminates having to dispose of
any aerosol cans.

When used, Tekmar TB-10 water based adhesive and the Applicator Systems are the perfect environmental solution, guaranteed to save
££’s over aerosols and other semi automatic systems.

Now for the math test!

Is the swap to TB-10 cost effective for you?

1. Number of cans used per year multiplied by the price per
can, equals total adhesive cost.

______________ x _____________ = _______________ (Number of
Cans) (Price per Can) (Total Spray Cost)

2. Number of cans used per year divided by 72 equals the
gallons of TB-10 needed.

______________ ¸ _____________ = _______________ (Number of
Cans) ( 72 ) (Total Gal. TB-10)

3. Total of gallons of TB-10 multiplied by Gal. cost equals
cost of TB-10.

______________ x _____________ = _______________ (Total Gal
TB-10) (Price per gal) (Total TB-10 cost)

4. Total TB-10 cost added to cost of dispensing system
equals first year cost.

_______________ + _____________ = _______________ (Total
TB-10 cost) (Cost of System) (First Year Cost)

5. Total Spray Cost minus First Year Cost equals total first
year savings £

______________ – _____________ = _______________ (Total
Spray Cost) (First Year Cost) (First Year Savings)

6. Total Spray Cost minus the Total TB-10 Cost equals the
2nd year Saving £

______________ – ________________= __________________ (Total
Spray Cost) (Total TB-10 Cost) (Second Year saving)

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