The use of diptanks has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. Time saving, money saving and cleaner! Using a diptank to streamline your screen cleaning process can not only save you up to 60% on chemistry costs, it can also save up to 50% on labour costs, making it the most efficient way to clean screens.

Using a diptank eliminates the use for many chemicals and £££ in the long run,  as our Easiway SUPRA diptank solution is a 2-1 product – An ink remover and emulsion remover, All rolled into one product. Once your screen has been added to your diptank, it takes just 2 MINUTES to get to work, Just simply remove after that time and wash in a wash out booth.

Useful features:

  • Ribbed exterior for added durability – eliminates the need for a metal waist band
  • Swivel arm to keep screens in place – Allowing time for you to walk away and do other jobs.
  • Height – Made at a comfortable height so you’re not reaching too high or low to get your screens out
  • Drainage tap – for easy drainage when replacing diptank solution
  • Drip ledge – Perfect if your short on space, You can place your second screen here whilst cleaning the first one.


For more information, Give us a call on 01562 829009 or drop us an email – sales@screenprintworld.co.uk. We are also available on LIVE CHAT during our opening hours!




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