Meet Jamie

Meet Jamie – SPWs Screen and Ink Specialist

Here at Screen Print World (SPW) we have appointed Jamie Wright as our screen and ink specialist to look after our brand new screen stretching department.

He brings 10 years’ experience after working previously as colour matcher and lab ink technician at Birmingham-based print supplies company ScreenPro and colour matcher at solvent ink manufacturer Acorn Screen Products in Loughborough.

Jamie said: “As the screen and ink specialist I look after both the screen stretching department and Pantone mixing department. Any re-stretched screen or Pantone-matched ink will have been overseen by me, ensuring the tension on the screens is just right and the colour matches the code provided.

“My focus will be running the brand-new screen stretching department where there has been an increase in demand for re-meshed screens. We can turn old used screens into perfect-quality re-meshed screens in a variety of meshes and tensions providing quick turnarounds and brilliant quality to our many wonderful customers.”

Jamie added: “As a screen-printing enthusiast, I knew as soon as I walked into the warehouse at SPW I wanted to be a part of the incredible team. It really was like a kid-in-a-sweet-shop moment seeing all the brilliant screen-printing goodies they stock from the amazing Amex ink to the ever-reliable M&R machines.”


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