Top Tips For Cleaning ink off Screens.


Cleaning and reclaiming your screens can be a really easy process if you have the right cleaning chemical, it can make the cleaning quick easy and hassle free. Here is a list of our favourite cleaning product and some top tips from our experts

Cleaning Waterbased Ink off Screens.

Water based inks can be easily cleaned up with water.
However, water-based inks can dry into screens if they are left for long
periods of time. This can make cleaning more difficult and time consuming. This
can be resolved by using a product like Aqua Wash Eco Waterbased Ink Remover, this
solution will clean all types of waterbased inks and even works as a screen
opener while still on the press. All of Franmar products are eco and 100%

Cleaning Plastisol ink off screens

The reason plastisol ink is so popular among printers is
that unlike Waterbased ink it doesn’t dry out. This makes it super easy to
clean even if the ink has been sat on a screen for a while. Remove excess ink, and spray with a good
quality ink remove like our Bean-E-Doo Eco Plastisol Ink Remover wipe with a
cleaning pad and repeat if necessary. Bean-e-doo Plastisol Ink remover Plastisol
Ink Cleaner effectively cleans screens without the odors and is drain safe. Low
VOC and 100% biodegradable, this ink remover reduces the hazards of screen
reclamation to workers and the environment.

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