Ready Mixed Easisolv Stencil Remover

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Ready Mixed Stencil remover made with EasiSolv™ 500 is a revolutionary emulsion remover which is engineered to quickly and aggressively dissolve all direct emulsions, capillary and high-density films with ease. Also degreases screen to prepare the mesh ready to print. Available in 0.98 litres or  3.79 litres (1 US Gallon). This product has no VOCs.



  • Comes ready mixed, ready to use without the need of diluting. 
  • EasiSolv 500 is workplace approved, which allows compliance with the strictest standards for employee exposure, air emissions and effluent disposal.
  • EasiSolv 500 is packed with additives, enabling the product to penetrate the toughest, water resistant and work hardened emulsions and films.
  • EasiSolv 500 degreases as it dissolves stencils, eliminating the additional step and expense of degreasing chemicals.



Always wear the correct PPE when using cleaning agents. A mask, glasses and chemical gloves are a must. Apply with a brush to the emulsion on your screen after ink has been removed. Using a high pressure washer, Rise both sides on the screen. After, Flood with the entire screen with a low pressure rinse from top to bottom to activate the degreasers and remove any debris, splash back or residue. If stubborn stains remain, Apply our Easiway 415 stain and haze remover. 



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