How to print zipper hoodies – The easy way!

With the cooler weather rolling in, We’re sure you’re seeing an increased demand for hoodies, long sleeves and zipper hoodies.

When it comes to printing zipper hoodies in particular you can run into a few issues, Which is why the zipper hoodie pallet was created! Printing zipper hoodies on a standard pallet can be tricky.. The zip gets in the way and ends up getting caught on your squeegee causing all sorts of issues and can even tear your screen. The zipper hoodie pallet was made to combat this exact issue. It is engineered with a slot down the middle, allowing you to rest the zip part of the hoodie in so it is out of the way when printing.

When placing your zip into the slot, You need to make sure that it rests at the same height as your print surface. In order to help get this right, The zipper hoodie pallet has been carefully measured with many samples of hoodies, resulting in a two-tiered drop for your zipper to fit into. The first tier is for your zipper hem, while the deeper tier is for your zipper to sit in. Creating perfect zipper hoodie prints every time without wasting resources!

The Zipper hoodie pallet is available in many sizes, the most popular being 16″ x 22″ and can be ordered for your machine type.

Please call on 01562 829009 or drop us an email for more information and pricing!

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