Amex Cold Cure Catalyst for Waterbased Inks

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Cold Cure Additive or also known with its itallian name as: Texprint Catalizzatore extra is a clever little additive and very useful if you dont have accsess to a dryer or flash cure to cure your prints. Once added to your inks, it allows you to air dry your prints, it will  then cure without heat after 48 hours. Superb for those heat sensitive fabrics. Once added, the ink then has a shelf life of 8hrs.

This can also increase the washing resistance on special fabrics too. Use 5-10%



  • Cures prints without heat
  • Good printability 
  • Increases wash fastness for waterbased inks



To obtain best results use decent tension screens 34T/(80) to 90T/(230) both for manual printing and automatic presses – best results with a sharp squeegee blade.



  • Retarder (to slow down the drying of ink on the screen)
  • Clear Base (to base colour black or soften colour for printing onto light shade garments)


Clean up

Please use Water or Franmar Aquawash or Multipurpose Ink Remover, Easisolv 701 is useful to clean up and remove stains.



Add to ink and wait 48 hours , Once touch dry you can use a heat press or tumble dryer to speed up the process.  Always ..Always wash test before production run.


More information.

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Safety Data and Technical sheets:


Safety data sheet


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    Posted by Shane Bowers on 21st Feb 2018

    Works great with the Amex waterbase inks