We know it’s an easy job to put off until a quieter time, But we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your machinery clean. 1) It is a nicer and more importantly, safer environment to work in and 2) It will help your machine achieve optimal protentional.

When dust, adhesive and ink build up on a machine and it’s parts, Overtime it can put added pressure on working parts like cylinders and sensors, Meaning at some point in the near future, You should expect downtime to repair those broken parts. Yes sometimes parts do just go, However it can help massively if you keep on top of cleaning and maintenance. We’ve put together a list of products that we use every day in our workshop when cleaning and refurbing machines and a list of areas to focus on..

Areas to focus on regularly..

  • Proximity sensors – Sometimes proximity sensors can get covered in dust, Simply cleaning and wiping them can keep them working correctly.
  • Cylinders – Keep cylinders dust free and grease regularly
  • Squeegees/flood bars and the general print area – This can stop any particles getting onto your screens/prints
  • Platens – Clean your platens regularly as lint/dust can build up. One tip for easy cleaning to us pallet mask – Simply remove and replace when needed. It keeps your pallets clean and protected.

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