Say hello to our brand new Spot On Cleaning Range! The range consists of 5 brand new products that will provide you with everything you need to clean and prep your screens! We’ve put together a quick post with everything you need to know about each product..

Spot On Degreaser 

A biodegradable screen degreaser for preparing screens for coating with Photoemulsion. This helps with adhesion of emulsion especially after cleaning with de-hazers or ghost image removers.

Spot On De haze 

Spot On De-Haze is an easy to apply product that is used to remove ghost images and emulsion stains from screens after decoating. The gel offers an easy to apply medium that holds onto the screen and does not run off like traditional ghost image removers.

Spot On Stencil Strip Gel 

A gel screen emulsion remover. This product is a gel allowing easy application and adhesion to the screen while scrubbing on the emulsion remover. An easy to use water soluble product for print shops that manually apply emulsion remover.

Spot On Stencil Strip

A liquid screen emulsion remover concentrate that can be diluted at a maximum of 1:25. This product can be sprayed on using a spray bottle once diluted and scrubbed onto both sides of the screen. For a stronger solution this can be mixed at 1:15 or stronger if preferred.

Spot On Mesh Prep 

Spot On mesh prep is a unique product for the preparation of new meshes prior to first use. This product has a surface abrasion compound and degreaser that considerably improves emulsion adhesion and prepares new screens for increased durability.

The range is available in 1 litres and 5 litres.