Amex Water Based Discharge Inks.



Discharge bases are available as clear and white. These inks are incredible popular for printing onto dark garments as they offer unparalleled softness on the garment once fully discharged, they offer superior brightness and can be printed wet-on-wet – the ink does not sit on top of the fabric as with traditional opaque inks, but penetrates the fabric and reacts with the dye. These inks require an activator to be added and will have a shelf life of 8 hours once the activator is added.

Note that colours can easily be mixed into the clear discharge base using our Texprint Pigment range which has been specifically selected for its compatibility with the discharge process – pigments added at a maximum level of 5%.

Also be aware that discharge inks are only compatible for printing onto 100% cotton tee shirts and do not work well on polyester blends or full polyester garments. Gildan supply a range of tee shirts which are suitable for discharge printing – these garments can be viewed here

 Amex Discharge inks are supplied with the correct amount of activator for the pack size – activator should be added at 6% by weight and thoroughly mixed into the ink before printing. Additional Activator is available if required.

 Discharge Inks are easy to clean, all that is needed is water! We recommend using Screen Sol QT as a photo emulsion for Texprint Discharge Inks.

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