Discharge Inks

Take a look at our AMEX Discharge ink. This is a fairly new range for us and it’s gone down a storm! The pigment tints and other bases are also now available and sit in their own section, click here.

The discharge process is where water based inks are applied to dark coloured garments (that must be 100% cotton) to produce bright and soft prints.

Discharge inks are printed then cured, during the curing of the ink the original dyes in the garment are being “discharged” from the image area. Then they are replaced with colour of the discharge ink.

See Gildan’s information regarding printing Discharge ink onto their T-Shirts by clicking the following link Gildan Discharge Chart.

The activator amount must be 6% of the base weight e.g. You have 100g of base you ad 6g of activator. 

If you have any questions please contact us on sales@screenprintworld.co.uk