Amex Plastisol Soft Hand Base

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You can add Amex Soft Hand base to most plastisol inks to make the print feel softer once printed, but you will lose a certain amount of opacity of the original ink. Only use up to 30% base to ink. It can also be used to extend the ink by 30%.


• Great for light Fabrics.
• Can be mixed into colours.
• Good washing resistance.


To obtain best results use a decent tension screens 34T/(80) to 90T/(230) both for manual printing and automatic presses – best results with a sharp squeegee blade.


Curable reducer. (Ink thinner)

Clean up

Please use Easisolv 842 , Easiolv 701, Stinky Screen Wash or Franmar, please dispose of any cleaning consumables in a safe manner and use the correct PPI.


Plastisol will be fully cured at 165°C. Printed garments need to be passed through a quality dryer and the ink film needs to reach the desired temperature to be fully fused, variables such as garment thickness and colour, ink deposit and operating climate will need to be taken into account when setting your oven parameters. Always wash test production to ensure prints are adequately cured.

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