M&R K-840 Automatic Folding Machine


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K-840 Automatic Shirt Folder Amscomatic's K-840 is a sophisticated high-speed automatic folding system designed to precisely fold a wide variety of garments and other textile items. It’s engineered for dependable performance and low maintenance in demanding, high-production environments, and can be easily integrated with other Amscomatic equipment into an automatic folding/bagging/sealing system.

A significant technological breakthrough—M&R’s patented bottom pulling dual-belt (upper and lower) transport system—finally makes it possible to fold garments printed with high density or gel inks. Folding plates electronically adjust to the desired width while staying parallel to each other.

This allows tighter, more consistent folding on all types of products. Wide transfer belts in the second-fold area minimize maintenance and improve performance. The entire garment transport system uses a timing belt drive, which runs quieter and requires less long-term maintenance than chain & sprocket drives. Top covers of Plexiglas and extruded aluminum provide clear views and easy access to components from both sides of the folder. Quick-release side panel covers allow easy access to the inner workings of the machine. All covers are interlocked, ensuring that the machine will not operate when a cover has been loosened or removed. Folding adjustments are made using the dials and switches on the control panel.

The K-840 can be combined with various styles of label applicators and printers, further improving productivity. Capable of cycle speeds in excess of 1500 garments per hour, Amscomatic’s automatic folding machines are the most efficient and productive in the world.

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