Little Buddy Electric Conveyor Dryer

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The Little Buddy II is the ideal dyer for small shops, short runs, and on-site jobs. A great finisher featuring better exhaust and insulation to keep your shop cooler. Compact, lightweight and versatile, it is able to do up to 100 shirts an hour. Units available in 240 volts running on a 13amp plug. We designed the Little Buddy II to get you on your feet and running for many many years.


overall length - 165cm oven length - 76cm overall width - 72cm belt width - 46cm Come and try it in our showroom Adjustable Belt Control / Locking Casters / Powered Exhaust Option Easily Adjustable Chamber Curtains / Circuit Breaker Protection With the ability to control both the heat and belt speeds, it enables you to cure plastisol ink in one pass and water based inks in two passes.


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