Printing softshells doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a low temperature ink which can be cured at a lower temperature to prevent dye migration. We recommend Amex Low Temperature ink, Which can be cured at 130 degrees.

Top tip: If you’re printing onto a double layer jacket, A jacket hold down platen would be a good piece of kit to invest in. The standard way of securing material to a pallet during multi-color printing is to use adhesive on the pallet surface. This would easily hold a t-shirt or sweatshirt in place for exact multi-color registration. However, with multiple layers, a Jacket Hold Down is required. It pallet has a built on spring assist head frame that grabs all four sides of the garment and pulls tightly in all 4 directions. The result is a completely flat and tight printing surface which won’t move during printing.

The custom-designed spring clamp locks the pallet down in one easy motion, keeping your jacket pulled tight and providing the correct amount of tension. This ensures that you get the best ink penetration on your garment so that your colors look good and stay looking good for longer.