We’ve streamlined our packages! It was getting a little cluttered in the packages department, So we decided create 3 great kits With 3 different price points and size/space requirements, So you can be assured, We have covered all bases.

First up, The beginner. If you are just getting started in screen printing or are wanting to take that step up from a DIY kit, Then this is your best bet! It has everything you need to create some great custom t-shirts for your self and friends whilst being perfect if your tight on space. A small room or shed will be perfect for this little set up. The kit comes with a Riley Hopkins 150 1 colour press, A great quality, sturdy press that comes from one of the top manufactures of presses in the world. You’ll also get a UV bulb for exposing your screens, A Heat gun for touch drying your inks, 6 pack of waterbased inks, Emulsion, Squeegee, Tape, Empty mixing pots, Spray pallet adhesive, Franmar eco cleaning kit, Spratulas, Screens, Goop scoops and a Cold cure catalyst additive. The main space saving aspect of this kit, Cold cure catalyst allows your to cure you inks over night without the use of a flash cure or dryer.  For full details head to the bottom of this post to shop the items mentioned.

The second kit in our line up is The Entrepreneur. This kit is perfect if you are wanting to take your screen printing hobby and turn it into a side hustle. You’ll need a little more room compared to the beginner kit, That’s because in this kit you’ll get a press upgrade – a Riley Hopkins 4 Colour 1 station, A Baselayer exposure Unit, A 70cm washout booth and a flash dryer. Consumable wise, It includes Screens, Emulsion, Spatula’s, Goop scoops, A choice of either plastisol or waterbased inks 6 pack, Empty mixing pots, Pallet glue, Ink jet film, Tape and A Franmar eco cleaning kit. For full details head to the bottom of this post to shop the items mentioned.

Lastly, but definitely not least is the The Professional. The ultimate screen printing set up. This kit would be ideal for a double garage or unit and you’ll find absolutely everything you need to set up and run a professional printshop. Print multiple colours using the M&R Kruzer 6/4 Press and dry your garments using the big buddy tunnel dryer and BBC flash Dryer. You’ll also get a full screen room set up with a 70cm washout booth and a baselayer exposure unit. Consumables included are a full ICC Pantone kit 1kgs to create any pantone colour you want, A SPW emulsion coater, Aluminium Squeegees, Screens, Spatulas, Goop scoops, Pallet mask roll, Waterbased pallet glue, Emulsion, Inkjet film, Tape and a Franmar eco cleaning kit.

If you have any questions on any of these kits, Then please get in touch via our LIVE CHAT, Email nick@screenprintworld.co.uk or call us on 01562 829009.