Franmar Eco Screen Unlocker - Un-Lok

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UN-Lok is perfect for removing hardened emulsion that has locked-in to your screen printing mesh. It is a cleaning solution perfect for reclaiming old screens. No need for a nozzle spray, the lid also functions as a measured applicator. Liberally apply Un-Lok to your locked emulsion screen. Let the product sit for 10-30 minutes. More time may be needed for heavily locked areas. Scrub well with a scrub pad. Wash with a power washer or hose with a pressure nozzle. Repeat if needed for trouble spots. Wash thoroughly. Always wear the correct PPE when using cleaning agents. A mask, glasses and chemical gloves are a must. 



  • Works on all types of emulsions
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Gel formula sticks where you put it
  • Removes Locked Emulsions
  • Saves you by not having to re-stretch!
  • Quickly Degrades Emulsion
  • Cost Only Pennies per Screen
  • Does Not Quickly Evaporate like Traditional Solvents



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