Easiway Screen Perfect Degreaser Concentrate

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The Easiway Screen Perfect Degreaser is a ready to use liquid which provides a revolutionary, radical approach to preparing mesh for emulsion coating and film application. This unique combination of water based polymeric components will simply eliminate many of the common problems experienced in screen making. Available in 0.98 litre bottles, however this is concentrated. For use: Mix the liquid with up to 20 parts water.


Why degrease?

  • Pinholes and fish eyes are eliminated.
  • Thick and thin spots on emulsion coated screens will disappear.
  • Screens look and feel smoother.
  • Print life is extended.
  • Screens rinse out easily.
  • Mesh reclaims simply.



Make sure your screen is clean of any ink, emulsion or other contaminants. Mix EasiSolv With Screen Perfect 1:20 with water. Before applying mixture, Rinse by sides of your screen with water. Apply the mixture to both sides of the screen and using a brush or pad, scrub the product in. Rinse screen beginning at the top working your way down to the bottom. 



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