Dual Tack Pallet Tape

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This dual tack pallet tape will transform the way you glue and mask your pallets. The product comes in two different widths: 15" width x 36 yards length 18" width x 36 yards length Instead of using a pallet mask first and then applying pallet adhesive or unhealthy amounts of spray tack. You can use the dual tack tape to streamline the process and get two jobs done with one product saving both time and money. The Dual Tack Pallet Tape is sticky on both sides, holding a shirt in place without having to apply water-based or spray adhesive. The top adhesive can also be re-activated by wiping with a wet sponge. Once you are ready to change the tape you can simply remove it in seconds and reapply. ?This product is suitable for both screen print and direct-to-garment pallets. The tape is made and sold slightly narrower than the pallet, therefore you will be able to load the t-shirt with ease. A perfect two in one solution, apply the tape and adhesive in seconds in one go! Great investment for any screen print shop small or large. 


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