Posted by Millie Stallard on 22nd Jun 2021

How to remove stubborn adhesive using TB Orange

Removing adhesive can be a time consuming job, especially if it hasn't been done in a while and you have alot of build up. Tekmars TB orange has been formulated to cut through stubborn adhesives whilst de-odorising due to its orange scent. It couldn't get any easier, just follow the simple steps below:

step 1: Spray over the area, be sure to apply a decent covering. leave for 5-10 minutes

step 2. using a scraper to gently remove softened adhesive

step 3: use a cleaning rack to remove any residue. 

Not only can it be used for removing adhesive, it can also be used as a general cleaner or degreaser! So it's a handy product to have around in your print shop!