We have a variety of special effect inks to make your garments stand out from the crowd…But if you are wondering which to choose, We’ve created a list of our top sellers to help make your decision a little easier.

Spot On Glitter inks

Looking to add a little sparkle to your prints? Our Amex Glitter Inks are a pre-mixed ready to use glitter ink. The base that the flakes are mixed with is clear drying and 100% transparent when dry allowing the best and brightest effect for the glitter flakes. Available in both plastisol and waterbased.

Amex Vintage Cracking Base/White Waterbased

If it’s an aged look you’re looking for, Then our AMEX Cracking Base Texprint might be for you. It’s a ready to print Waterbased Ink that is used to give fabrics that Vintage cracked look and feel. All you need to do is print like any other ink, And once fully cured it can be cracked by hand or by washing.

AMEX Gold/Silver inks

Available in waterbased and plastisol, We have something to suit everyone. Our Amex Metallic inks are super opaque and perfect for printing onto dark garments.

Puff Additive

Create 3D prints using our puff additive! You can add the puff additive to the ink at a percentage from 5% to 20% to create a raised 3D print. (Although we always recommend starting with a small percentage and then increasing until you get the desired effect).