Pro Angle 2 Emulsion Coater

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Coat screens evenly and uniformly with the Pro Angle 2 emulsion coater. The coating angle is designed with the perfect screen printing ergonomics in mind, and the coater itself is calibrated to give you a precise coating of emulsion every time. Made from hard anodized gold aluminum, enclosures are permanent for quick cleaning without leaking. The Pro Angle 2 has two edges, a sharp edge and a rounded edge for when a thicker coat is desired. Always order a coater 1" larger than your liquid coating size. For example, a 10" coater covers a 9" liquid coating area. Your coating area should be 2" (1" on each side) larger than your copy or print area. That means your scoop coater size should be a total of 3" larger than your print area for optimum coating results. Scoop coaters work best when the coating edge is cleaned with a damp cloth and warm water after each use.



  • 2 different edges to cater for difference application requirments
  • Good quilty and sturdy
  • permanent enclosues - No leaks whilst and quick cleaning


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