Pallet Mask Applicator

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Pallet Mask Applicator Choose from either the On Press version or the Off Press version. The On Press Pallet Mask Applicator enables you to apply the tape while your pallet on still on the press. And you guessed it...the Off Press Pallet Mask Applicator means you need to take the pallet off the press then apply the tape. See both videos below.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only for M&R machines. How many hours per week do your machines shut down just so that your team can rip the paper off of pallets and then replace it? And how many hours per month are wasted by team members awkwardly balancing that bulky roll as they try to lay new paper on? If you're interested in significantly increasing the efficiency of your machine while minimizing frustration, then the innovative Pallet Paper Changing System by Action Engineering is definitely a product you'll want to look into purchasing. With the Pallet Mask Applicator, you no longer need to shut down your machines just so that your team members can painstakingly peel pieces of paper from the pallets and put new paper on.

This translates into substantially increased production rates per day. On top of improved efficiency, there's no longer a need to buy different sizes of pallet paper as the Pallet Mask Applicator uses a 24-inch wide roll of paper sideways, accommodating all sizes of pallets. This means that you only have to stock one size roll of pallet paper. The system is also very comfortable as it comes with hand comfortable knobs that allow for fast and easy roll changes. If you are a company that does many changeovers, the Pallet Paper System is one of the few investments that will allow you to see an immediate production increase. Watch our video to see how it works! Only available for workhorse and M&R pallets.


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