Face Mask Pallet Universal.

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Face Mask Pallet Universal.

The Form Fitted pallet design is made for form-fitted masks with a chin seam. The Flat pallet design is made for flat fitted masks that have no chin seam. Different styles of face masks need different pallets to do a full face print. Or, you can simply use our Universal Face Mask pallet to do a small print on any face mask.

Max print size: 3”x 3” (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

Why is this needed for Face Mask Printing?

Most Face masks are multiple layers of fabric. The traditional method of glue will not work. If you are printing on a single layer face mask, it is not advisable to use adhesive due to the nature of its use.

Pallet Design:

The head frame consists of three layers laminated together. The middle layer is rubber. Because of the small size of the printing area, we found that the head frame is very strong and has no need for a flange. We have also eliminated the spring-turnbuckle assembly. We lean the head frame 10 degrees past 90 to keep it from falling down. For finishing, there is no powder coating. We tumble the parts that can be tumbled, and use various sanders on the head frame. Everything is smooth and pretty! This design has minimized manufacturing and assembly times considerably. It is something that we can make custom versions of very fast and cost-effectively. These masks will cover almost every face mask being produced. See the pallet in action!

More Information.

This Pallet fits M&R, Hopkins, MHM, Vastex presses.

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